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When it comes to safety and security on a boat, high quality ropes are not an option but a must-have feature.

Traditional boat mooring ropes can be dangerous for several reasons: if wrongly gripped or tied, it may cause serious injury. When you are dealing with critical loads, commercial and recreational boating industry, tying a knot requires serious knowledge and must be inspected and tested while you rig it. Gamba Boat Mooring ropes are easier to handle and to dock (thanks to their choking system), and much more resistant.


Gamba Mooring Ropes have a still galvanized cable soul and are coated with a double or tripled layer of *Kevlar and *Polyester.

Gamba Boat Mooring Ropes’ breaking load is guaranteed with a rate margin of 15:1 (being the rope braking strain more than 15 times the load) and conforms to international classification regulations.