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Cavo di sicurezza con brevetti internazionali per attrezzature in pressione.

Whip Checks are required by law as a safety measure to avoid injury in case of hose or coupling failure.

New Whip Check Advanced Coated version is designed for ultra-high pressure application.

Whip Check, why New?

Traditional Whip Checks are configured at 200 psi with 5 to 1 safety margin. At 300 psi the margins decreases at a rate of 3 to 1. A higher pressure is not suitable for traditional Whip Checks and might cause serious injury or death in case of explosive coupling decompression. NEW WHIP CHECK ADVANCED COATED VERSION is designed at 500 psi with 5 to 1 safety margin.

Whereas traditional WHIP CHECK must be inspected prior to any pressurized equipment being turned on, NEW WHIP CHECK is easier to install and doesn’t require a check every time equipment is about to be used.

Traditional whip check must be installed at a fully extended position—providing this way a standby safety for hose. NEW WHIP CHECK instead, can be applied without being fully stretched, thanks to the choking system that allows a stronger and firmer grip on the hose.

*Apply New Whip Check at each hose connection and from equipment to hose.

By pulling back the coupling, let the loop of New Whip Check over each hose.